Corporate Secretarial

Corporate Compliance

Your enterprise is growing. You want to focus your energies on growing your business, and not attend to mundane accounting and compliance matters. You recognise the importance of proper accounting and compliance, yet do not want to compromise with part-time/freelance assistance and attention.

You may also find it a challenge to have a full-time qualified accountant whose duties have to include corporate secretarial work. He/she will have to keep up with constant changes in accounting and other statutory regulations.

We offer professional one-stop assistance to help you comply with various statutory requirements. Depending on your needs, we can help take care of the foundational compliance requirements of your business, and you have the choice to add on advisory services as and when you need them.

More importantly, you know your business is in good hands as far as compliance with SSM/ACRA is concerned. You get quality, one-stop professional support without having to manage staffing issues, and worrying if you are running foul of the law. You can focus on doing what you do best.

Corporate Secretarial Duties
| Maintain statutory records
| Prepare standard resolutions
| Prepare annual general meeting and related documents for annual statutory filing