Tax services (GST & Income Tax)

Tax Services

Business enterprises are becoming more aware of the significant impact tax has on their transactions. There is more focus now on tax ramifications which could dilute their financials. Tax authorities from various jurisdictions have been actively collaborating to ensure equitable assignment of taxable profit for cross-borders transactions. In such a backdrop where change is the only constant, it is vital that companies engage in comprehensive tax planning to optimize tax savings and mitigate risk.

Our broad spectrum of tax services include:

Goods and Services Tax (GST) – Approved GST Agent

  • Apply for GST registration/de-registration.
  • Prepare, review and file GST returns.
  • Evaluate and assist in applying for certain GST relief schemes.


  • Assisting clients with corporate tax planning locally and internationally to maximise tax efficiencies.
  • Attend to queries raised by the tax authority.
  • Handle objections, voluntary disclosures of errors, tax audits and investigations.